Mitigation and human rights

Fortunately we have very few human rights cases or – admittedly - cases that we know of. When a potential case is brought to our attention, we reach out to the supplier and ask for a clarification. Usually they will be very cooperative and explain what has happened and what they will do to prevent reoccurrence. If we are happy with the response and remediation is carried out according to set timelines, nothing more will happen. If we are not satisfied, i.e. if the remedy is inadequate or if this has happened before, we will reconsider the relationship with the supplier. We do not believe that a change of supplier always is the right way to deal with issues found. By terminating business we are also giving up the opportunity to make a positive change. Should the supplier knowingly have misused our trust, we will however not hesitate to break off the relationship. 

We will never be able to say that there are no human rights challenges in our value chain. To that end our value chain is too complex. However, we can say that our risk management in this area is continuously evolving, that in the coming years we will be better equipped to handle these challenges and that going forward we will be even more engaged in the topic of human rights.