Policy on tax

In Dansk Supermarked Group we recognize that taxes and duties have a crucial impact to welfare society. And with a very high public attention on contribution to government revenues, and especially also for companies with cross-border activities, we highly focus on being a responsible partner to society, and in particular in case of our total tax contribution.

With a strong focus on tax compliance in all countries were we operate, we strive to communicate transparently within the tax area by meeting all specific stakeholders interests.

We seek a good relationship with Tax Authorities – in both Denmark and abroad – to minimize potential disputes and double taxation. As we in Denmark is ranked as one of the largest companies, we have in 2016 been invited to embark on the Tax Governance concept together with the Danish Tax Authorities. This cooperation builds on equal dialogue with a mutual comprehension of equality and openness. This aims to create tax transparency and secure a correct and up front settlement of all taxes and duties.

Further we constant aim to have a clear and core tax strategy building on the following three cornerstones:

  • Tax compliance – for mandatory reporting
  • Tax risk management – to handle financial and reputation risks
  • Tax structure and planning – to maintain a competitive tax level in a fair and responsible way                

Our strategy enables us to monitor the different taxes and duties and act quickly, reliable and effective within this complex and comprehensive area so that we at any time can ensure the most accurate and trustworthy payment of all taxes and duties related to our operations in all countries.

Dansk Supermarked Group has operating companies in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland, but by far the largest activity takes place in Denmark.

We do not operate companies in low tax jurisdictions as well as we do not utilize special tax optimization models designed with a purpose of tax evasion and thus has no commercial substance.