About us

Food, clothes, furniture, appliances, flowers, meal boxes. Whatever you need in your everyday life, we provide it. 

At your service

We are more than 50,000 colleagues who strive to make a positive contribution to people's everyday life by offering valuable, inspiring and simple shopping experiences.

Household brands in everyday life

Our chains, web shops, franchise restaurants and private labels are all household brands that more than 9 million customers in Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Germany rely on every week. 

The Salling legacy

Our roots go back to 1906, when Ferdinand Salling opened the first Salling store in Aarhus, Denmark. His son Herman Salling grew the family business based on his talent to predict and meet people’s needs as their lifestyles developed dramatically during the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. 

Today, our group is owned by the Salling Foundations and our history mirrors the development in society and our customers’ everyday lives.

Us in numbers

We are the largest Danish-based retailer. 
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