Product safety

Food and product safety is an essential focus area for Dansk Supermarked Group. This is because our customers need to trust us and the products sold in our stores completely. As such, our most basic and important contract with our customers is to ensure that the food items we sell are safe for consumption.

No compromise on food safety

This is why we never compromise when it comes to food safety. We follow existing laws laid down by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to the letter, since these Laws form the cornerstone of our work with food safety. 

The Group’s internal quality department

The Group’s internal food control is undertaken by a quality department within our procurement department. The quality department consists of specialists with educational backgrounds within food. They set the framework for the development and improvement of procedures and routines regarding food safety and risk management.

Our quality department safeguards the laws laid down by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration by visiting our stores, training and supervising employees and liaising with the authorities.

Our customers' safety is our top priority

We undertake a variety of product tests to secure our customers’ safety.

Bacteria control

When handling food products, a lot of precautions have to be taken in order to ensure a high standard of food safety. Therefore, we undertake a variety of product tests to secure our customers’ safety. We make use of bacteria controls with regards to salmonella, listeria and MRSA bacteria.

Pesticide control

Pesticides are often used in agriculture and can be harmful to both people and the environment. Consequently, we have an independently authorised laboratory test our fruit and vegetables for pesticide remains and microbiology before these end their journey in our stores.



Strict hygiene policy

The Group attaches great importance to hygiene. We have therefore retained the rule that states that all employees who produce food in our stores are required to have a hygiene certificate, even though it is no longer legally required.

Testing textiles

We sell our own clothing brands at føtex and Bilka, and place strict requirements on our textile products regarding shrinkage, colour fastness, pilling etc. These requirements are set for ourselves as well as our suppliers.

We have internationally acclaimed test bureaus conduct spot tests to ensure that the demands are followed and that they do not contain substances that prove problematic.

Before we sell our clothing products in our stores, we carry out our own tests on the finished product where we test colour fastness, colour trace, fit, change of dimensions and durability of the materials for daily use.

Co-operation within the retail industry

Dansk Supermarked Group is a member of a co-operation of retailers approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. Our membership helps us share our own experiences so other companies within the retail industry can benefit.

This also means that we benefit from the experiences of our fellow retailers, and in this way we can help ensure that the retail industry in general maintains a high level of food safety.

Guidance by own specialists

Besides retaining the rule of having a hygiene certificate, our own specialists are also included in the training of our employees. Our quality department also trains and supervises our store employees in order to ensure that they have the right qualifications with regards to hygiene and the handling of food. In this way, we invest in our employees’ qualifications as well as our customers’ safety.

We aim for the happiest smiley

Our aim is to always be able to proudly display the happiest smiley, which means that food inspectors had no remarks to make on their latest visit.

Smiley scheme

Since 2001, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) has been labelling their inspection reports on all retail food enterprises with different smileys to indicate how well the enterprises comply with food regulations.

Our aim is to always be able to proudly display the happiest smiley, which means that food inspectors had no remarks to make on their latest visit. The smiley reports are clearly displayed in all of our stores and locations where we produce food, i.e. our bakeries, butcher’s shops and delis.

Read more about the smiley scheme at, where all inspection reports can also be found.

Product recalls

We do everything within our power to make sure that all products we sell are safe and responsible. However, if a product recall becomes necessary, swift action is aided by our effective setup with fast lines of command from HQ and warehouses to stores.

If a product sold in our stores or online is suspected of posing a health risk, we immediately contact the relevant

authority, remove the product from our shelves and publish a press release with detailed information about the recall to major news agencies.

If a less serious quality problem is detected in one of our products, we inform the relevant parties and withdraw the batch in question from warehouses and stores.

Specifications on our cleaning articles and detergents

Via the link you can find specifications on our private label cleaning articles and detergents in Denmark:

  • Safety data sheets contain information on safety, health and environmental properties. These are used in professional relations
  • Consumer data sheets contain information on product content

If medical data sheets are needed please contact us