Products and labels

The right products, at the right price, at the right time. That has always been the secret to success in retail. And that is also what we’re all about today.

Professional procurement

Hundreds of our colleagues work every day with procurement on different levels at Dansk Supermarked Group. Our buyers are specialists and therefore possess extensive knowledge on the product categories they work with. They are up to date with the latest consumer trends and do their utmost to know today what customers want tomorrow. 

Sourcing from 112 countries

Buying and selling goods is at the heart of what we do. As an international retailer, we source products from close to 9,000 suppliers in 112 countries worldwide.

Our own brands

We produce a number of private label ranges – all of which have been developed in collaboration with our suppliers. Our aim is to satisfy all our customers' needs, regardless of their household economy.

Vores® is our largest selection of private label products. The range covers all of our customers’ everyday needs, and we always have hundreds of different products to choose between. This range is also constantly developed and expanded.

Levevis is the good alternative of both food and nonfood products. All food products are certified with the Keyhole symbol which is a nutrition label of The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

Products for personal care, washing and cleaning are labeled with either the Nordic Swan or the EU Ecolabel and The Blue Label from Danish Asthma and Allergy Association (with the exception of a few products where Danish Asthma and Allergy Association has no criteria for the product)

All nonfood products are without PVC and phthalates.

Princip is for customers who will not compromise on quality when it comes to food products. This range offers luxury food products at competitive prices.

Budget is the name of our range of basic products at every day low prices. The range covers both food and nonfood products, and it is easily recognisable by its bright orange logo.

VRS is our new, Danish clothing brand through which we supply our customers in føtex and Bilka, exclusively. VRS offers good quality and responsibly produced fashion wear at a good price. Our VRS clothing line includes a wide range of different clothing products – from basic products to products that reflect the newest fashion trends. In our opinion, VRS is quality with character.

Our own brand for everyday needs

Vores® is our largest selection of private label products. It covers all our customers’ everyday needs, and we have hundreds of products to choose between. This range is constantly developed and expanded.

Convenience on the move

Convenience is a growing trend in large cities in Northern Europe, including Copenhagen. The concept includes either ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook products, and this caters to the needs of busy customers.

In Dansk Supermarked Group, we wish to evolve with changes in society to meet our customers’ needs. That is why we have already opened a number of føtex food convenience stores in the Copenhagen area.

Our føtex food stores offer high-quality food on the go and a strong fresh-food profile, e.g. freshly baked bread and pastries produced in one of our own bakeries and meat cut by one of our own butcher’s in a nearby føtex as well as organic fruit and vegetables.

More convenience stores on the way

The Group’s first convenience store under the føtex food brand opened on Østerbrogade in Copenhagen in March 2015, and in September 2015, a second føtex food convenience store opened at Esplanaden in Copenhagen. During the second half of 2015, the plan is to expand our chain of convenience stores with four more stores in the Copenhagen area.



Increasing awareness of certified products

With stores all over Denmark and in four other countries, we help increase the awareness of certified products, whether organic, Fairtrade or animal-friendly, by making them readily available to everyone.

More responsible products

We take responsibility for each and every product we sell in our stores and online. At the same time, we trust our suppliers to make sure the products they sell to us are safe and responsible. It is our ambition to increase the number of responsibly produced goods sold in our stores and online.

Promoting products from free-range animals

At Dansk Supermarked Group, we work continuously to promote products from free-range animals, such as organic eggs from free-range hens and meat from free-range pigs and cattle.

Ambitious initiative on animal welfare

Dansk Supermarked Group is intent on improving animal welfare for farm animals. To ensure this, we have set ambitious targets to enable customers to actively choose animal welfare products and have entered into a long term partnership with the Danish Animal Welfare Society.

Consumers can choose products with the label “Anbefalet af Dyrenes Beskyttelse” (“Recommended by the Danish Animal Welfare Society”).

Meeting demand for organic products

Consumer demand for organic products is constantly growing, and Denmark today has the largest share of organic food products sold in any country. This poses both an opportunity for us to sell more organic products, and a challenge for suppliers to keep up with this demand.

We sell organic products in all of our stores, and Netto’s share of the organic market is the largest amongst all grocery chains in Denmark.

All organic products in Denmark are state-controlled and easily recognised by the red organic Ø label




As one of Denmark’s largest companies, we have a responsibility to take care of our climate and environment. Reducing the impact of our operations is beneficial to both the global community and our business performance.

Sustainable wood

The Group is member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Denmark. Therefore, when sourcing our own wood and paper products, we always explore the opportunities to source FSC certified or equivalent. The FSC certification applies to wood and paper products which are environmentally safe.

Read more about the Forest Stewardship Council at

Ecolabels – the Nordic Swan and the European Flower

Our stores offer customers a wide selection of certified products with ecolabels, both the Nordic Swan and the European Flower. Both ecolabels guarantee that products have a minimal impact on the environment and on our customers’ health.

Read more about Ecolabelling Denmark at