Department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores.

Dating all the way back to 1906, the history of today’s Dansk Supermarked Group has always been rooted in operating physical stores. Though our business is now much more diverse, including ever expanding e-commerce activities, running stores is still very much at the heart of what we do.

We operate stores under a number of our own brands, along with franchised stores in cooperation with internationally renowned brands. Collectively, the different stores offer practically all customers the products and shopping experiences that fit their needs and household economy.


The Netto discount stores

The Group’s chain of discount stores offers everyday essentials and weekly special offers within both food and nonfood categories.


International discount in Danish

Netto aims to provide customers with good quality products at everyday low prices.

In 1981, Netto opened its first discount store in Copenhagen and became the first Danish chain of its kind in Denmark. Today, Netto is also the largest retail chain in Denmark with more than 1320 discount stores in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden altogether. In all the stores combined, Netto has 9 million customers per week.

The føtex supermarkets

The Group’s supermarket chain offers a broad assortment of food, textiles and nonfood products, as well as some convenience stores focusing on food products.


Strong focus on quality

føtex wants to make good quality available to everyone in Denmark.

In 1960, the first føtex supermarket opened in Aarhus. The supermarket was the first of its kind to offer customers both food and textiles in one store, which also explains the føtex name: an acronym of “fødevarer” (food) and “textil” (textiles).

Today, føtex has more than 90 supermarkets across Denmark, including a number of smaller-format convenience stores under the føtex food brand, which – as the name suggests – focus on food. In the føtex supermarkets, customers will find a wide variety of food, textiles and other nonfood products.

The Bilka hypermarkets

The Group’s chain of hypermarkets offering almost any product within both food and nonfood categories as well as being an event destination for families.


The ultimate event destination

Bilka wants to be the preferred shopping universe, with a special focus on families.

The first Bilka hypermarket opened in Aarhus in 1970. To this day, Bilka remains the only hypermarket chain in Denmark, operating a total of 18 hypermarkets in the country, including one A-Z hypermarket exclusively focused on nonfood products.

On top of offering the greatest range within all product categories under one roof, Bilka has also become an event destination, particularly for families, with many activities – such as special performances by popular music artists to kids’ activities in the parking lot – taking place throughout the year.

Salling department stores

Two department stores in central city locations in Aarhus and Aalborg offer a wide variety of products and services, including Starbucks coffee shops.


100 years of experience

Originally founded in Aarhus in 1906, Salling remains one of the leading department store chains in Denmark. With locations both in Aarhus and Aalborg, Salling’s mission is to be the one-stop shopping destination for customers. At Salling Super, the department stores’ premium supermarket, customers will also find every high-quality food item they can think of.


As an official franchise partner, the Group operates a growing number of popular Starbucks coffee shops in Denmark, both in connection with føtex and Bilka stores and in exclusive high-street locations, such as the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

Carl’s Jr.

In connection with several Bilka hypermarkets, we have opened burger restaurants in a franchise agreement with the international company Carl’s Jr. This complements Bilka’s offering to families wanting to combine shopping with dining.

Our franchised stores

In cooperation with the international brands Starbucks and Carl’s Jr., our aim is to expand our customers’ shopping experiences whether they are coffee lovers or burger aficionados.