A career in corporate

In order to develop and maintain the different businesses, Dansk Supermarked Group has a number of corporate functions. These include functions such as management teams, supply chain, e-commerce, commercial, marketing, HR, finance, IT, technical department, group general counsel, business development, corporate communication and logistics.

Highly qualified specialists

Our employees in the various corporate functions are mostly specialists with highly qualified skills. These employees are essential to run an efficient and successful retail business, especially one that spans several countries.

HQ and international offices

Dansk Supermarked Group’s headquarters is located on the outskirts of Aarhus. The Netto International management and administration is headquartered in Køge, south of Copenhagen.

Our headquarters

Dansk Supermarked Group’s headquarters are located on the outskirts of Aarhus, and here the main part of the administration attends to its everyday work and supports the management teams through their corporate functions.

The Netto International management and administration is headquartered in Køge, south of Copenhagen. The international Netto divisions have local headquarters in their respective countries.


Business Development

The department supports strategy development by defining must-win battles with the Executive Committee to become the best retailer. The department drives strategic projects with the business units to ensure tangible results in daily business.


HR's objective is to ensure that the Group has the required human resources available, and that we perform at the highest level in retail. HR covers all relevant disciplines, such as Employer Branding and Recruitment, Compensations and Benefits, People Performance Management, Leadership and Talent Development, Retail-Specific Functional or Product Training, HR Analytics and Retirement or Exit Programs.


The Group’s e-commerce division drives and develops our webshops with an aggressive ambition to accelerate growth and online share. Through innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technology and M&A, the division strives to deliver on customers’ growing expectations for e-commerce activities.


Commercial creates growth through a customer-focused range at the right price for each format, supported via efficient promotions. To enable this, Commercial seeks out and builds supplier partnerships to ensure optimal sourcing.

Working in the cross field of Commercial

Two days are never the same in Commercial in Dansk Supermarked Group, where the work tasks take place in the intersection between customers, stores and suppliers.

Employees in this department are part of a changeable everyday where they are faced with various challenges and where decision-making is essential.

Working in Commercial is characterised by a large degree of freedom, and thus employees are able to see the results of their own actions and decisions. This


creates motivation and creates good opportunities for personal and professional development.

Passing on skills and experience

Our employees in Commercial thrive in an environment where hard work and high ambitions pay off. The leaders in Commercial are skilled and experienced and give feedback to help their employees achieve their goals.

The employees in Commercial are independent, result orientated and driven. Furthermore, they are capable of communicating extensively and creating new networks. 



Finance produces high-quality financial information, tax and treasury management and value-added financial business support. Finance manages our Shared Service Center and enables better business decisions via market intelligence.

Influencing results in Finance

Our employees in Finance have a strong business influence in the biggest international retailer in Denmark.

They are part of a dynamic workplace with good management and inspiring and visionary leaders and colleagues who are skilled both professionally and socially.

Furthermore, they have a great influence on their own results. This motivates and generates a steep learning curve in Finance and helps increase advancement opportunities within the company.


Versatility and an international perspective

A job in Finance is characterised by versatility. It offers a secure career path with open borders when it comes to internal mobility within and beyond Denmark.

Our employees in Finance view things in an international perspective and are therefore well-disposed towards the international career opportunities that Dansk Supermarked Group can offer.

Moreover, Finance is a place where things are bustling and where the employees are part of a changeable workplace and everyday. In this way, their work never becomes tedious or dull.



The department drives development and operation of our IT system, one of the most modern globally. IT constantly has new projects underway and consists of specialists of many nationalities, who enjoy high levels of empowerment.


Supply Chain & Logistics work together with Commercial and the formats to bring products from suppliers to stores in the most cost-efficient way. The function also works closely with E-commerce to satisfy our customers.

Paving the way as a trainee  

Our trainees become part of a rewarding work environment where social as well as professional relations are formed.

We expect our trainees to be engaged in their traineeship and take it seriously, and that they take responsibility for their own work life. In return, we offer them promising opportunities for their future careers.

Versatile everyday

Our trainees’ work tasks are not limited to sitting behind a desk.

Their everyday is characterised by versatility, meaning that they are assigned to administrative tasks as well as more practical tasks where they learn to communicate with customers, colleagues and business partners from both within and beyond the country’s borders.



Our corporate trainees are offered many varying tasks and receive guidance throughout their training, yet still have a lot of responsibility. We focus on their development and offer them the best possible future career options.