Opportunities for all

We believe that being a big company means making commitments and taking responsibility. Likewise, we believe that everyone can contribute to the job market in one way or another – regardless of background, ethnicity, age, gender, culture, sexuality or social conditions. 


Language training projects in our stores

In Dansk Supermarked Group, we have had good experiences cooperating with language schools and job centres in various municipalities. 


A swift introduction to the job market

Through cooperation with the language schools and the job centres, we help link language teaching to practical work in our stores. This has a positive effect as the language training project helps the employees translate the acquired language theory into practice in the respective stores.

The language school is moved to the stores in order to ensure a swift introduction to the Danish language, culture and job market. The project has a duration of six months, after which their linguistic skills are evaluated and an individual plan for their further development is drawn up. 


Work in the morning, school in the afternoon

Employees enrolled in our language training project work in the stores during the morning and receive Danish language training in the stores in the afternoon.


Do you wish to supplement your education with work experience? Then an internship in one of Denmark’s biggest companies might be interesting for you.

Benefits for both our interns and ourselves

At Dansk Supermarked Group, we have interns in Commercial, Corporate Communication, Digital Development, Logistics, Support Office and Business Development, among other places. We do everything we can in order to make sure that both our interns as well as our departments achieve the best possible results from an internship. For our interns, this means having a significant influence over their daily work along with responsibility for project work during the internship period.

The departments in turn receive new input and knowledge from students who are able to look at tasks with fresh eyes and with experience from their studies. This brings drive and new ideas to the departments.

Boosting your further career

An internship in the Group is also a great opportunity to get in on the act in a big company with the opportunity of employment afterwards. Some of the interns are employed as student assistants after their internship is over, some cooperate with the Group, e.g. regarding their bachelor thesis, and some are even permanently employed later on. The internship can therefore help boost students' future careers.

If you wish to become an intern in the Group, look for vacant positions


Cooperating with schools and centres

We cooperate with a wide range of organisations including High:five, LEV, the Danish ADHD association, CABI and their networks, Lærdansk, the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment, production schools, business schools and local competency centres.

Supporting employees in their jobs

Besides our regular jobs we also offer a range of other opportunities jobwise. We aim to create opportunities for all, and therefore we cooperate with a wide range of organisations.

We also cooperate with more than 50 different municipalities, and within these municipalities we have far beyond 100 partnership agreements and/or agreements with company centres.

Below are examples of the job opportunities the Group provides in order to include all.

§56 arrangement

Employees with chronic diseases, e.g. migraine, epilepsy and rheumatism, are offered a §56 arrangement. In this way they are still able to manage a job, even though their condition causes them more than 10 sick days a year.

Reduced ability to work

Employees with reduced ability to work as a consequence of physical or mental issues are offered flexible job opportunities. If the employee is approved for a flexible job, he or she will be tested in a company internship program before further agreement.

Personal assistance

Personal assistance is offered to employees who are in need of support in order to attend to their job. In practice, this could be offered to severely dyslexic employees who need written documents read aloud, or employees who need help to structure, prioritise etc.

Light duty jobs

Light duty jobs are offered to employees who have been given employment and support allowance. Thus, employees who cannot manage a job on normal terms can still have an opportunity to work either full-time or part-time.