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In Dansk Supermarked Group, we take pride in having the best trained leaders and staff in retail, and we offer a wide range of development opportunities for leaders as well as specialists.

Highly qualified specialists

The majority of our employees in corporate functions are specialists with highly qualified skills. These specialists are crucial for a retail business like ours to operate efficiently and successfully across several countries. More on our corporate functions


Vacant positions right now


We are always on the lookout for new, talented people who can contribute to our company with new knowledge and experience and thus help us grow. Perhaps one of these could be you?


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A marketplace of opportunities

Being part of the Group means thriving in a busy work environment where hard work pays off. We expect you to do your best and offer you a wide range of career opportunities. Read about a career in retail

Get the best of both worlds

Being a trainee in the Group paves the way for a career with wide-ranging opportunities and exciting jobs. A traineeship offers you the best of both worlds: education and a kick-starting of your career. 

Social responsibility

Dansk Supermarked Group takes on social responsibility and thus offers vulnerable employees special job arrangements to help retain them and incorporate them into the Group.

Read more about opportunities for all

Application process

Have you applied for a vacant position in the Group, or are you planning on doing so? Go to application process if you wish to read more about how we handle your application.

Graduate programme

Our Graduate Programme is a challenging two-year programme which focuses on creating business specialists and future leaders within specific functional areas. Learn more about our Graduate Programme