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Dansk Supermarked Group

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Telephone: +45 87 78 50 00



Customer service

If you as a customer have any questions, you are welcome to contact our chains’ individual customer services


We receive a lot of requests in connection with school assignments or from students for company information. We have tried to design and built this website with students in mind so that you will be able to find the information that you require.

In particular, the about and responsibility sections should hold all the information you are looking for, such as our Annual Report and CSR Report. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we are not able to respond to student requests individually.

Job seekers

If you are looking for information regarding employment within Dansk Supermarked Group, please go to career

If you wish to see a list of our current vacant positions, please go to vacant positions

Terminals and supplier service

Addresses on the Group's terminals in Northern Europe can be found under terminals

Packaging instructions, forms and manuals can be found under supplier service


If you believe a violation of law or regulation has occurred within Dansk Supermarked Group, we encourage you to report your concerns.

Find more under whistleblower

Donations and sponsorships

Dansk Supermarked Group supports charitable causes through Salling Fondene and through a number of charitable organisations which we have a long-term cooperation with. In this way, we support a long list of local and global initiatives and projects, as well as granting larger funds to organisations within culture, church, sports, education and charity.

All requests for larger donations and sponsorships should be directed at Salling Fondene.

Requests for smaller donations and sponsorships should be directed to føtex or Netto customer service


Call or write

If you wish to contact us, you can either call our reception at the headquarters on + 45 87 78 50 00, or write us an e-mailDue to the volume of requests we receive, it may take up to 5 days before we are able to reply to your email.