Ethical trade

Responsible trading permeates the entire Group and our way of doing business. We acknowledge the fact that we cannot solve all global issues alone, but we believe that we can help make a positive difference.

Working through alliances

We believe that co-operating with our suppliers on improving working conditions makes good sense. Therefore, we belong to a number of different international alliances in order to safeguard our supply chain all the way from manufacturer to consumer.

amfori BSCI – improving working conditions

Signees of the amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) have been our main collaborators since 2006. The amfori BSCI supports retailers, importers and brands in order to improve working conditions in supplier factories and farms on a global basis.

Aiming for further engagement

Our collaboration with the amfori BSCI makes our suppliers take part in performance reviews and follow ups. Even though we already benefit from and are engaged in this membership, we aim to become even more engaged as this will help us obtain stronger internal processes.

Maintaining a presence rather than turning a blind eye

Our alliances are based on a belief that we as a global company can do our part in improving working standards in other parts of the world by maintaining a presence rather than turning a blind eye. Our vision is a world of free trade as well as sustainable global supply chains, and our membership of the amfori BSCI takes us a step further towards this vision.

International trading with respect for human and labour rights

The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative (DIEH) cooperates with companies, the public sector, organisations and trade unions within Denmark with the purpose of advancing international trade that respects human and labour rights.

Sustainable development

The aim is to contribute to sustainable development in third world countries as well as new growing economies by strengthening their members' efforts regarding ethical trade. This is in keeping with our policy in the field and why we cooperate with the DIEH.

Working to improve suppliers’ facilities in Bangladesh

Besides the amfori BSCI and the DIEH, the Group is also a member of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, which is a multi-stakeholder initiative established in 2013.

The Accord endorses checks and is helping to improve more than 1,600 Bangladeshi suppliers’ facilities, such as buildings, electrical wiring and so on. The Accord includes major international unions, brands and government parties.

We only source from Accord-cooperative factories

Dansk Supermarked Group sources from more than 50 Bangladeshi factories covered by the Accord, and we are the lead brand on over 30 of these.

In practice this results in the Group being the facilitator of an improvement process on behalf of other brands involved with the specific factory. Hence, in 2014, more than 1,000 factories were inspected with both minor and major issues being identified.



The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

Dansk Supermarked Group is a member of the Accord that endorses checks and is helping to improve more than 1,600 Bangladeshi factories.

Responsible procurement training

Responsible procurement is a focus area for the Group, and therefore mandatory training of procurement staff in CSR strategy, social compliance and product risks and opportunities, as well as responsible buying practices, are very important to us.



Trained in responsible procurement

All procurement staff are trained in social compliance, product risks and opportunities as well as responsible buying practices.

Heightened awareness

By training our procurement staff, we heighten their awareness of both the negative and the positive consequences that can occur as a result of their decisions.

On the one hand, overtime work at a garment factory can occur if a procurement employee decides to make last minute design changes, but on the other hand, responsible procurement can ensure recyclability or perhaps reduce packaging.

Expanding Fairtrade range

The international Fairtrade label promotes financial, social and green sustainability among farmers and plantation workers in Africa, Asia and South and Central America. We continuously expand our range of Fairtrade products.