Our responsibility

Expectations are growing for companies to take responsibility beyond financial results. We take that responsibility seriously.


Initiative on animal welfare

In a partnership with the Danish Animal Welfare Society it is our intent to improve the welfare for farm animals. Read more about the largest Danish initiative on animal welfare

Minimising food waste

A top priority of ours is minimising waste, particularly food waste. It makes no sense for us to throw away sellable products, so we invest in keeping our waste levels at an absolute minimum. Photo: Niels Hansen. Read more about how we minimise waste 

We take our responsibility seriously

Running a financially sustainable and resilient business has always been our number one priority. And we believe that a financially sustainable business goes hand in hand with a sustainable approach to all our activities.

Among other places, this is expressed through our three areas of focus for our CSR strategy

Ethical trade

Our customers expect the products we sell to be responsibly produced. In turn, we demand nothing less from our suppliers. We also educate our procurement staff on ethical trade, and we believe this combination will help us make a positive difference in working conditions around the world.

Gain further insight into how we trade in an ethical manner

Raising money when catastrophe strikes

We have raised money in connection with the earthquakes in Nepal, the civil war in Syria, the drought in East Africa, the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunamis in the Indian Ocean. Photo: Shikbar Bhattarai

A force for good

As part of the global community, we strive to utilise our ability to reach out to millions of customers in a short space of time to ask for their support.

Together with our partner DanChurchAid we have set-up a disaster relief site where customers can donate money when catastrophe strikes in the world.

This fast mobilisation of support is a powerful tool that we use carefully in close collaboration with our partner DanChurchAid.