We improve everyday life by giving our customers the best shopping experience, creating opportunities for people at all levels in society and drive forward a more sustainable development.

One-minute video on name change

To mark that we are owned 100 pct. by Salling Fondene and pay tribute to Herman Salling, Dansk Supermarked changes its name to Salling Group on June 1st 2018.


Understand why in this short video.

We employ over 50,000 people and is much more than a supermarket, with web shops, coffee bars, restaurants, food boxes and much more.

Come help us improve people’s everyday lives

Do you want to be part of an organisation that touches people’s lives 9 million times every week? Are you the talent that will help us create more value for our customers and potentially change the way we do retail?  


We are owned by the Salling Foundations. The purpose of the foundations is twofold: 

To ensure that Dansk Supermarked Group develops to meet people's ever-changing needs 
and to contribute to society through donations. Since 2012, the foundations have donated more than 850 million kroner. 

We accommodate 1.4 million customers every day and understand everyday life better than most companies.